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​​​For a FREE ANALYSIS of your website and Internet marketing strategy

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internet MARKETING SERVICES for Real estate agents & agencies

​What Do You Know About Your Website’s Visitors?

​Google Analytics explains everything you want to know about how prospects and potential new real estate focused customers find you and how they interact with your lead generating real estate website for both agencies and independent agents. With the proper use of web analytics and online data, you can focus the proper marketing resources more effectively on strategies that yield the results you require in terms of Lead Generation, ROI (Return on Investment), and Sales.

Online Business 360™ has specialists who can set up the following and provide many types of analysis including:

  • AdWords Integration
  • Ecommerce Tracking Module
  • Goal Tracking
  • Internal Site Search Analysis
  • ​Audience Demographics and Geo-Location
  • Behavior Flow
  • Multi-Channel Funnels
  • Attribution Models